My daughter would say that to me as we walked to school. She was 8 years old and “strolly” was our Astrology game.  I had devised it as a way of introducing her to the planets. It is a kind of call and response mantra we would recite as we walked.

It is oversimplified because it is an introduction for a child.  As she got older we would expand on the game. We would choose one of the planets and expand on it’s definition, riff on the symbolism and go deeper.

It Goes like this:

Me: What is the Sun?

She: The Sun is me.

Me: What is the Moon?

She: The Moon is my feelings.

Me: What is Mercury?

She: Mercury is my mind.

Me: What is Venus?

She: Venus is what I need, what I love, what I value.

Me: What is Mars?

She: Mars is what I want, what I do.

Me: What is Jupiter?

She: Jupiter is what I believe.

Me: What is Saturn?

She: Saturn is what I have to.

Me: What is Uranus?

She: Uranus is what I choose to.

Me: What is Neptune?

She: Neptune is what I dream.

Me: What is Pluto?

She: Pluto is endings and beginnings, evolution and transformation.

It was a wonderful way of sharing what I do with her and it gave her a place to start. These days I play with her younger sister and the game changes again. The elder has Mercury in Sagittarius. She can take small pieces of information and make great extrapolative leaps. The younger has Mercury in Pisces  and her mind wanders off in mysterious fascinating directions. Strolly leads to conversations about everything and anything and it is all done in the framework of astrology.

Teaching  my daughters the language of astrology has been a joy and an adventure and given me new insights into my craft.

If you are learning astrology add Strolly to your tool kit.

If you are an astrologer with kids…enjoy.