Aries: September was rough. You had to feel things. What did you learn from them? This is important because it is time to move on. Check the view from another perspective so that you can see what you need to let go of and what you can bring with you. October is going to be confusing so be on the look out for reality checks.

Taurus: One step forward two steps back this month. You must employ patience. It is all about going back over territory already covered. Check for holes in the budget, ways you can be more attentive to your partner…or places you need to revisit to apologise. (You can avoid that last part by practicing patience and diplomacy. Give it a go.)

Gemini: Let’s just say you are going to be busy being busy. There is so much to do now that Mercury is direct and it may be hard to find the time to get it all done. Catch the spaces when you can. Think everything through before you act (well, try). Make time to be creative and breathe before you speak. With your mind running so fast the wrong words might spill out at an ill-timed moment.

Cancer: Review the ground rules and renegotiate the territory in your relationship. It’s not very romantic but the ordinary stuff needs to be attended to. It is all about foundation and structure. At work, keep a low profile; focus on doing your job well. Solve problems with intuitive innovation.

Leo: Step carefully this month. Make sure opportunities are what they appear to be when they present themselves. Call it as you see it , cool and calm, with dignity and class. Keep your boundaries clear and maintain them to make sure you are furthering your agenda and not some one else’s.

Virgo: You could get a lot done this month especially if you are organized and discerning. You have a lot to say and conversations need to be had so be smart and sensitive. Use the right words and know when to say nothing. Do not over commit yourself. Only offer what you can realistically give.

Libra: Continue to steer your own course. You want to make decisions that suit everyone but make sure your goals are at the top of your list. It might be hard to find approval on the level that you need this month so look for it within. What you find may not be perfect but you can be proud of the progress you are making.

Scorpio: There is a big push coming at the end of the month. Personally, professionally something’s getting going. In the meantime focus on tying up loose ends, getting the pieces in to place to make the most of it.

Sagittarius: Things could get messy this month. The challenge is going to be keeping your mouth shut. Try not to let your emotions get the better of you. Your key word could be “withdraw” so schedule lots of alone time. Read, meditate, go for walks, get in touch with you.

Capricorn: You can mend fences and restore old ties this month. This is a good time for reviewing and revising past actions and behaviours, getting old patterns out of the way so you can step more fully in to the present.

Aquarius: It could be hard to settle anywhere, make decisions or just hear yourself think. You may feel like you are running from crisis to crisis at work, at home, in your wallet. Keep breathing and try to stay present in each moment for each task. The crazy jumble will eventually resolve itself and you will be surprised at the form it may take.

Pisces: Don’t be afraid of the difficult conversation and don’t believe everything you hear. Not that anyone is deliberately lying to you, just maybe kidding themselves. Be kind and persistent in your exploration of the heart of the matter and don’t forget to bring some grains of salt.