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…a very long while since I came here. The last thing I posted here was the horoscopes for December 2010. I skipped January, I can’t remember why. Something about the summer holidays. I was writing the column for March. I remember this very clearly. It was a Tuesday. Normally I would have gone in to town to edit and podcast my radio show. I was getting ready to do that when Cathy txt me. She published my horoscopes in her newsletter and she was giving me a hurry up. “Have you done them yet” something like that. So I changed my plans and sat down to write. I was halfway done by lunchtime. By then my girlfriend Cherie had called in. We hung out for a bit. Chatted, shared our troubles. She vetted what I had done and gave me the thumbs up. She was getting ready to leave, her hand bag over her shoulder, when we felt it. The first wave, an earthquake, THE earthquake. We had been through so many aftershocks since September that it took us a moment to register that this one was something else. The shaking hadn’t stopped but had developed into waves, we were heading for the doorway for shelter when the floor literally picked us up and dumped us there, locked together in a clinch so intimate our friendship has never been quite the same since. She was laughing, I was crying, we were terrified. My whole house was heaving and shuddering, cupboards and shelves emptying their contents on to the floors…anyway it stopped eventually and my wee house had survived and so had we. My kids and husband were safe and sound, our side of town came out relatively unscathed…but our city was broken, nearly 200 people had been killed, the heart of the city had been devestated. The eastern suburbs had been ravaged, no power, no water, no sewerage and many many families made homeless.

It rocked my world, shifted my attention…so I stopped writing here…it might be time to come back though…we’ll see.

Aries: There is a new sense of adventure in the ether, new directions to explore, new ideas to consider. Express yourself. Talk about your feelings. No really, it is time to have that conversation. Open up and see what happens.

Taurus: Things start to come together this month, especially the things that have been slow and steady in planning and execution. You can actually see them take shape. Try and maintain the steady as she goes approach. A headlong charge may cost you more than it brings you,

Gemini: It is the little things that matter. Following through on small promises, tidying up after yourself, finishing off, editing, perfecting what is already in place are all concerns for this month. Big sweeping changes, and grand statements have no place on the agenda.

Cancer: Powerful insights about your life and who you share it with come to you this month. Use the information to make decisions about how to move forward into the life you want. A clean cut or a deeper commitment – think it through carefully. Actions taken now will have far reaching consequences.

Leo: The clouds are beginning to clear, the air smells sweeter and your heart feels lighter for the first time in ages. The shift in the weather is opening up new possibilities and opportunities. Cautious optimism is the way to go now as you let go of past hurts and look forward at last.

Virgo: You can really gain some ground now. Stay focused. Make sure you have a good handle on the details or can at least answer some key questions about your plans for the future. Sift through your imaginings for ideas that can actually be made real. Let go of any that can’t.

Libra: Things are going your way Libra. You can see more clearly and have a better sense now of how things are unfolding. It is easier to get buy-in and support from friends and colleagues. You can get that tricky situation resolved now too, but don’t let your success there tempt you to over extend yourself…again.

Scorpio: It is all about you this month. The focus is on you and how you are getting to where you need to be. To avoid damaging conflict, acknowledge someone else’s needs and wishes.  Be prepared to reassess your alliances and allegiances.

Sagittarius: You can lighten up now, stretch a little and breathe freely at the beginning of the month. An innovative idea may show you a new direction but it will take work and commitment to make something lasting and real. Dig in, make it happen.

Capricorn: Communication can be equal parts frustration and inspiration at the start of the month. The middle of the month is better for making plans and taking calculated risks. Try and keep your cool at the end of the month, maybe take action on a physical project of some kind or noble cause.

Aquarius: You can see your future opening up now.  It’s exciting, you can feel changes coming. Make the most of this energy by staying focused, clear and truthful. You can make good progress with your career goals this month.

Pisces: Big dreams, grand ideas, insights and intuition are all there for you at the beginning of the month but wait until mid-month to put any of your inspired ideas into action. Less is more so be prepared to rein yourself in. Don’t get so carried away with your brilliance that you skip important steps and details.

On Air!!

I have a new gig.

I have joined the  gorgeous and effervescent Jackie Farina as co hostess of the Wellness and Inspiration show on Plains FM 96.9.  The show airs on the first and third Saturday of every month and I will be driving the latter. (Squee!)

I am totally amped about it, apprehensive and thrilled at the same time.  Anyway my first show aired on July 17.  I interviewed two feisty and fabulous women, played some songs, offered some astrology, negotiated the sound desk more or less efficiently  and before I knew it it was all over.

I talked to Jo Fife about her passion for business, travel and  “ordinary people doing extraordinary things”.  Robyn M Speed is a writer of Visionary fiction with a strong sense of  her self and her point of view.  I had the best time hanging out with those glorious gals.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking on the link below.

Wellness and Inspiration July 2010