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Aries: It’s a real obstacle course this month. You are running the race, you can see your goal but it is going to take some navigation and negotiation to get there. It could get a little heart racy but the scary stuff can be fun too.  Be courageous, be fair and be focused.

Taurus: Measure and evaluate everything this month. Carry a bag of grainy salt with you into conversations that affect your future.  Make sure you are clear about the steps you need to take to get where you are going.  If things seem confusing or messy, then just stop, take a breath and look around.

Gemini: It might feel as if progress is slow. Glitches and hiccups cause delays and nobody seems to understand a word that is coming out of your mouth.  Don’t use so many words. Keep it simple and clear

Cancer: Stress and pressure can be your friends if you use them to propel you forward. A strong set of shoulders and a determined attitude will help you win through. Use your charm and diplomacy to negotiate where you need to and make sure you gain more ground than you give.

Leo: Nearly there Leo. You can sense the change coming yet it still feels so far away. It is closer than you think but there is still work to do. Tidy up, clarify, and check your settings. Don’t let delays discourage you. Keep your friends close. Temper your passion with diplomacy and moderate intensity with good manners.

Virgo: You know there is a lot to do this month. Don’t wear yourself out trying to do everything perfectly. Give yourself room to breathe and if that means deleting some items from your To Do List then by all means make that happen.

Libra: You cannot ride in to the future until you have resolved some of your past. It is important work, so even though it may be sticky and unpleasant at first, it will be worth it if you can exorcise some demons in the process. Do not be afraid of the dark or what lies within it.

Scorpio: The Christmas season is its own brand of intense. Add that to your own building levels of stress and pressure and things could get very lively. As a good friend of mine told me once, “the truth hurts so be gentle with it.” If things must be said then go for clarity and kindness when you deliver your message.

Sagittarius: Start the month by  planning the next big thing.  There will be ample opportunities through December to strategise, rework, clarify and troubleshoot the new direction. Even obstacles present a way through. You may have to hunker down toward the end of the month…but only for a moment.

Capricorn: It is full steam ahead but watch your step and your temper. Your normal cool, calm cautious self may be goaded in to a counter productive tantrum. There is a lot to get a handle on as you move in to a new phase of your life. Biting your tongue, taking deep breaths and listening for the lessons in the moment can help you make the most of a stressful situation.

Aquarius: You need to clear the air. You can’t really get any further until you sort out what needs to be communicated to whom. You should be prepared to hear some home truths as well. If you can take those on board and then let go of the need to be right you will be surprised how much lighter you will feel.

Pisces: It might be a bit stormy this month but you need to hold your course. A calm hand and a cool head at the tiller will keep you off the rocks and in command of your vessel. Others may offer their input but only agree to changes that reflect what you want.




apply daily.

Aries: September was rough. You had to feel things. What did you learn from them? This is important because it is time to move on. Check the view from another perspective so that you can see what you need to let go of and what you can bring with you. October is going to be confusing so be on the look out for reality checks.

Taurus: One step forward two steps back this month. You must employ patience. It is all about going back over territory already covered. Check for holes in the budget, ways you can be more attentive to your partner…or places you need to revisit to apologise. (You can avoid that last part by practicing patience and diplomacy. Give it a go.)

Gemini: Let’s just say you are going to be busy being busy. There is so much to do now that Mercury is direct and it may be hard to find the time to get it all done. Catch the spaces when you can. Think everything through before you act (well, try). Make time to be creative and breathe before you speak. With your mind running so fast the wrong words might spill out at an ill-timed moment.

Cancer: Review the ground rules and renegotiate the territory in your relationship. It’s not very romantic but the ordinary stuff needs to be attended to. It is all about foundation and structure. At work, keep a low profile; focus on doing your job well. Solve problems with intuitive innovation.

Leo: Step carefully this month. Make sure opportunities are what they appear to be when they present themselves. Call it as you see it , cool and calm, with dignity and class. Keep your boundaries clear and maintain them to make sure you are furthering your agenda and not some one else’s.

Virgo: You could get a lot done this month especially if you are organized and discerning. You have a lot to say and conversations need to be had so be smart and sensitive. Use the right words and know when to say nothing. Do not over commit yourself. Only offer what you can realistically give.

Libra: Continue to steer your own course. You want to make decisions that suit everyone but make sure your goals are at the top of your list. It might be hard to find approval on the level that you need this month so look for it within. What you find may not be perfect but you can be proud of the progress you are making.

Scorpio: There is a big push coming at the end of the month. Personally, professionally something’s getting going. In the meantime focus on tying up loose ends, getting the pieces in to place to make the most of it.

Sagittarius: Things could get messy this month. The challenge is going to be keeping your mouth shut. Try not to let your emotions get the better of you. Your key word could be “withdraw” so schedule lots of alone time. Read, meditate, go for walks, get in touch with you.

Capricorn: You can mend fences and restore old ties this month. This is a good time for reviewing and revising past actions and behaviours, getting old patterns out of the way so you can step more fully in to the present.

Aquarius: It could be hard to settle anywhere, make decisions or just hear yourself think. You may feel like you are running from crisis to crisis at work, at home, in your wallet. Keep breathing and try to stay present in each moment for each task. The crazy jumble will eventually resolve itself and you will be surprised at the form it may take.

Pisces: Don’t be afraid of the difficult conversation and don’t believe everything you hear. Not that anyone is deliberately lying to you, just maybe kidding themselves. Be kind and persistent in your exploration of the heart of the matter and don’t forget to bring some grains of salt.

No horoscopes this month on account of Mercury retrograde messing my shit up. So instead…have a look at this

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet in charge of communication, ideas, information.

He is in charge of our systems, our everyday contacts. He represents intellect and learning. Currently Mercury is in Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo AWESOME!!

In Virgo Mercury is at his most rational and grounded. We should be able to get a lotta lotta work done.

We should be.

The thing is Mercury turned retrograde on August 21. This happens about three times a year and lasts about 3 weeks at a time. During his orbit of the sun while he is closest to earth he looks like he is moving backwards.

We call this retrograde. This means he is moving back through the territory he just covered. Traditionally we talk about this as a time of confusion, communication break downs, bad decisions, poor timing, saying things you shouldn’t, that kinda stuff.

What tends to happen, as mercury approaches its retrograde degree, as much as a week out sometimes, is the breakdowns start to happen then. It can be very interesting when you are aware of what is happening. For example, last week just as I was thinking, “right merc retro coming up, I better back up my data”, my laptop died. A death. Now for someone like me who lives on my laptop that could be an utter disaster…and it has been a challenge.

But as I said, Virgo is rational, there must be a way I can make this work. This challenge is supposed to teach me something. So over the next three weeks, while Mercury is moving backwards, I get to re-examine the way I work, how I prioritise my time, ask myself questions about my systems.

Mercury retrograde is a great time for planning, not implementing. It is a good time for research, editing, think tanking. If you have to sign contracts during this period then make sure all your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed. Be aware that you may have to revise conditions at a later date.

If things are going a little haywire then look for the lesson in it. What is it that you need to reconsider?

If you have a major project on now is the time to re-examine the details, plan the contingencies, revise and rework. Chances are you will have opportunities to see where the flaws are. It might be irritating and delays might be frustrating but again, they are invitations to ask questions and opportunities to plug the gaps as it were.

Mercury goes direct on September 12, moving forwards past all the stuff you have been dealing with, testing the new theories…see how you go…

Aries: Negotiate. To get to the next step consider how what you want affects the others in your life. Persuade with diplomacy. Others may not be able to see where you are coming from. Give them a chance to catch up.

Taurus: Be prepared to be the peacemaker if there are flare ups at work. Smooth out the wrinkles in the new plan. Find the rhythm in the new routine. You are at the beginning of some long term change so look forward…way forward and make decisions that will see you there.

Gemini: Are you writing? Documenting the things you know, the questions that puzzle you? Look for ways to do that, to share, to connect and to express who you are. Things are going to be a bit crazy, up and down and slightly whirly. To maintain a sense of place and balance write it down. Work through your options.

Cancer:  So you have seen the possibilities that await you in your career. Things could really go places. No doubt about it. This month, all the action is at home. Have that important conversation about where you are going and what you need. It is time to be bold and take a risk so ask for support and ask what your partner or family need from you.

Leo:  You can have it all. But you can’t have it all at once. And you can’t have it all the time. Try to achieve what you want step by step and not in one big gulp.  Take care of the things that you have been avoiding and be prepared to negotiate rather than take a stand.

Virgo: Time for an internal de-clutter. You can do this by de-cluttering externally, throwing away and reorganising those things that represent your inner untidiness. Clear out the baggage, the unsolved jigsaw puzzles, that outfit you really are never going to wear again. Make room for new possibilities and then relax in the fresh new space.

Libra: New opportunities and inspiration push you forward. Watch your step and stay alert. Avoid a head on power struggle. The going might get tough later in the month but just keep breathing and push on through. Meet your obligations and eliminate what is unnecessary to help you stay focussed.

Scorpio: Say what you feel in the spirit of sharing. Don’t hold back to avoid tension but be gentle and authentic. You may feel a bit abandoned this month as your friends seem to be unavailable to you but it’s more likely that the messages aren’t getting through. You will find yourself back on track by the end of the month with a new sense of purpose.

Sagittarius: I know you like to keep moving but this month focus on where you are now. The journey will resume presently but for now it is time to take stock, to deal with the present. Empty out your suitcase, do your laundry.

Capricorn: You might meet someone this month that shakes up your ideas about your future and your career. You might resist at first but step back and take a longer look. This could be the beginning of a useful and dynamic partnership.

Aquarius: Don’t let the self-doubt demon get you. Listen to his advice, thank him for his input and then get back to believing in yourself. Put new information and ideas to the practicality test before integrating them into your life.

Pisces: This is your life that you are building Pisces. Give yourself permission to take your time to get it right. You need the time to see through the illusions, to determine what is really working and what is actually possible.

My daughter would say that to me as we walked to school. She was 8 years old and “strolly” was our Astrology game.  I had devised it as a way of introducing her to the planets. It is a kind of call and response mantra we would recite as we walked.

It is oversimplified because it is an introduction for a child.  As she got older we would expand on the game. We would choose one of the planets and expand on it’s definition, riff on the symbolism and go deeper.

It Goes like this:

Me: What is the Sun?

She: The Sun is me.

Me: What is the Moon?

She: The Moon is my feelings.

Me: What is Mercury?

She: Mercury is my mind.

Me: What is Venus?

She: Venus is what I need, what I love, what I value.

Me: What is Mars?

She: Mars is what I want, what I do.

Me: What is Jupiter?

She: Jupiter is what I believe.

Me: What is Saturn?

She: Saturn is what I have to.

Me: What is Uranus?

She: Uranus is what I choose to.

Me: What is Neptune?

She: Neptune is what I dream.

Me: What is Pluto?

She: Pluto is endings and beginnings, evolution and transformation.

It was a wonderful way of sharing what I do with her and it gave her a place to start. These days I play with her younger sister and the game changes again. The elder has Mercury in Sagittarius. She can take small pieces of information and make great extrapolative leaps. The younger has Mercury in Pisces  and her mind wanders off in mysterious fascinating directions. Strolly leads to conversations about everything and anything and it is all done in the framework of astrology.

Teaching  my daughters the language of astrology has been a joy and an adventure and given me new insights into my craft.

If you are learning astrology add Strolly to your tool kit.

If you are an astrologer with kids…enjoy.

Aries: The momentum continues and the results are variable. Treat any setbacks as opportunities to pause and regroup. There is a big shift later in the month that brings a new perspective.

Taurus: You have a lot to say. To get the message across, listen for opportunities to make your point with sweet words and a tempered approach. Find an alternate route around a tricky obstacle later.

Gemini: It is time to bust out and really be you.  You might meet resistance and be tempted by distractions but take the opportunity to get clear about what is really important to you want and then go get it.

Cancer:  Emotions are raw and some deep wounds resurface. Talk to someone; find some perspective because the work still needs to get done. Make the necessary changes in your personal life with a combination of logic and sensitivity.

Leo:  You have lots of great ideas Leo, bursting with creativity. You’ve got style and charisma but don’t let that get in the way of taking care of business. Procrastination is not your friend. Take a cautious approach to new opportunities.

Virgo: You are still dealing with the money stuff, getting real about shared resources as well as the sticky stuff that glues relationships together or keeps them tangled in a rut. Go with your gut Virgo. Set aside intellect for the moment and discover what it is that you actually feel.

Libra: Speak your mind. Say what you feel. Do not hold back for the sake of peace. This is not the time to take a passive position. Be gentle but be real.  A proactive attitude in love and in business will help you to implement the changes that are coming…and they are coming.

Scorpio: It’s kind of a crazy ride this month. Flashes of brilliance and hints of the future bump in to dark corners and momentary blind spots. Take on only what is doable. Say no to anything outside your skill set or energy reserves.

Sagittarius: Be a team player this month. Co-operation and collaboration will get you further than sulking or grandstanding. Communicate sincerely and be prepared to consider other points of view and out-of-the-box ideas.

Capricorn: Your long term goals are becoming clearer, if not closer. You know what steps to take and you can patiently take them. You are a healthy combination of creative vision and practical action.

Aquarius: If you are going to shake it up then do it smart. Reckless risk taking won’t get you anywhere. If you are looking for change then look first to your old habit patterns and let go of the ones that bind you to mediocrity. Change the way you think about your life.

Pisces: Creativity and connection are your key words this month Pisces. Romance is a definite possibility especially if you can get in touch with your own feelings. Express yourself and not your fears.

June Horoscopes

Aries: Wow are you going to be busy this month. Things take off at a cracking pace but the emphasis is on getting the little things right. So while the urge to take huge leaps is strong pay attention to the details.

Taurus: There are enormous opportunities for creativity this month. Inspiration comes in many forms. Pay attention to your dreams and let your imagination have the reins for a little while.

Gemini: Network, network, network! Make those connections, have those conversations but make sure they are useful. Put your clever mind to good work and you could have a bumper month.

Cancer:  Things could get crazy in your career sector. A bomb could go off creating a huge opening for you. Keep your eye out for sudden changes in the weather.

Leo:  It is time to make yourself heard, to tell your stories.  Put them in to perspective and give them meaning. It is a time of revelation. Pay attention.

Virgo: Money is the big deal this month. The books are busted wide open. You can see where the holes are and where the opportunities for savings and even growth might lie.

Libra: The god of revolution has just taken up residence in your house of relationships.   Be kind, be generous, be loving, be honest.

Scorpio: Take care of yourself. Things are going to be pretty hectic at work. Don’t burn yourself out. Be creative with your schedule to make sure everything gets done right.

Sagittarius: Thunderbirds are go! It is time to get into it; mission on. I would say slow down, but good luck with that. Just watch out for low hanging branches and potholes in the pavement.

Capricorn: This month a tornado picks up your house and throws it at a wicked witch. Which is to say, if there is upheaval on the home front then it is for good purpose? What needs to go?

Aquarius: Those crazy science fiction ideas you are having aren’t crazy or fiction. They are just ahead of their time. To make the vision real pay attention to the real life things that have to be done now.

Pisces: Things start off quiet. Like a super fun but exhausting house guest who stayed too long has finally left. But he has left you with a lot of great ideas that might just make you some money.  Give it some careful thought.


Mondayitis!! Its a common complaint. Why is it that we hate to go to work on a Monday? What is it about that day of the week that makes work so onerous and taxing?

I have a theory.

Did you know that the days of the week are actually named for planets? Well to be more accurate they were named for ancient gods, but they all relate to each other and to the planets.

So Monday is Moon Day. That seems fairly straightforward. The Moon rules our memories and our mothers. She represents the things that make us feel emotionally secure. Home, family and things domestic are all lunar concerns.

Tuesday is named for the Norse god of war Tiw. His Roman counterpart is Mars so Tuesday is Mars Day. Mars is all about action and energy, assertion and initiation.

Bear with me, I am going somewhere with this.

Wednesday is Wodin’s day. In Roman terms Mercury’s Day. Mercury is the messenger God so as you might expect, he is all about communication.

Thursday belongs to Thor or Jupiter. He is the god of wisdom and learning. Jupiter the planet represents growth and expansion, opportunity and fortune.

Friday, Frigga or Venus, The Goddess of love. Venus is all about our relationships, our values and our money.

Saturday is Saturn’s day, the planet that describes our limits, the structure of our lives, work and achievement.

The Sun owns Sunday. The Sun is our purpose, our reason. Without the Sun there is no solar system. It is the source of everything we know.

So why should any of this make a difference, or explain Mondayitis?

As I said at the start, the Moon rules home and family? The Moon is in charge of things domestic. She rules our moods and emotions. So on Monday, what we really want is to stay home, to look after the hearth as it were.

Each planet has its own agenda and so each day has activities that it is better suited to.

A quick breakdown might look like this:

Monday: Home and Hearth, grocery shopping, menu planning, call your mum, housework, cuddles with the kids and anything else that helps you to feel emotionally safe and secure.

Tuesday: Get something started, take action, sports and workouts, get the car serviced, anything that requires expending physical energy. Go, go, go!

Wednesday: Administration, correspondence, running errands, return your library books, make those phone calls, catch up on your emails,  make your lists, check in with your siblings, see the doctor, anything that involves communication and information.

Thursday: Expand your mind, important meetings, sports and workouts, clubs and classes, team meetings and training, anything that makes you part of something bigger than yourself.

Friday: Pay the bills. Buy a new dress, makeup or pretty things. Do something creative. Do something nice for youself, catch up with the girlfriends, go out on a date.

Saturday: Hard work day. This is a good day for getting stuff done. Work hard today on a pet project, in the garden, on the house anything long term and significant.

Sunday: Honour the sacred, whatever that means to you. Spend time with your family, go to church, walk in the woods, whatever it takes to recharge your soul.

It seems simple doesn’t it? To a degree it really is. We could break it down further into hours of the day but I think this is plenty to be getting on with. Try it out for a little while. Of course if we have to go to work on a Monday there is no getting around it but you could structure your work day to suit the Moon’s agenda. Keep it free of meetings and use the day to take care of the “housekeeping” aspects of the job. Use it to set up the week ahead so that you can launch into things on Tuesday.

There are things that you can’t control but for the most part, using this little formula can help you to keep things running, if not smoothly, then certainly more comfortably.

Take hold of your week and you may just find the cure for Mondayitis.