“I am not afraid…I was born to do this” ~ Joan of Arc

I have five planets in Virgo.

All the astrologers in the room

are now nodding and saying

“oh right, got it”.

This does not mean

that I am a prissy neat freak

standing shyly in the corner

hoping no one notices me

doing selfless work

for the underprivileged.

I do love order.

But that is just

to counterpoint

the juicy chaos

in which

I thrive.

Making it all make sense

is the point of Virgo

and so

it is no fun

if it is already tidy.

I believe in sacred service.

I look for the things that need fixing.

I collect conversations.

I hate housework.

I adore my children.

I love my husband.

I wish I was a hermit

but I cannot live

without my friends.

Life is

Language and laughter

Authenticity and art

Living with love

Learning through trial



Willing responsibility

Playful divinity

I am

Rocking the inner Lioness

Making my way home

Sharing the journey.

Wanna hang out?

In my kitchen

In my head

While I

Apply my craft,

Dance with

The tides

To the music

of the spheres?

Talk with me

Ask me questions

Argue the point

Maybe we can

Learn something