No horoscopes this month on account of Mercury retrograde messing my shit up. So instead…have a look at this

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is the planet in charge of communication, ideas, information.

He is in charge of our systems, our everyday contacts. He represents intellect and learning. Currently Mercury is in Virgo. Mercury rules Virgo AWESOME!!

In Virgo Mercury is at his most rational and grounded. We should be able to get a lotta lotta work done.

We should be.

The thing is Mercury turned retrograde on August 21. This happens about three times a year and lasts about 3 weeks at a time. During his orbit of the sun while he is closest to earth he looks like he is moving backwards.

We call this retrograde. This means he is moving back through the territory he just covered. Traditionally we talk about this as a time of confusion, communication break downs, bad decisions, poor timing, saying things you shouldn’t, that kinda stuff.

What tends to happen, as mercury approaches its retrograde degree, as much as a week out sometimes, is the breakdowns start to happen then. It can be very interesting when you are aware of what is happening. For example, last week just as I was thinking, “right merc retro coming up, I better back up my data”, my laptop died. A death. Now for someone like me who lives on my laptop that could be an utter disaster…and it has been a challenge.

But as I said, Virgo is rational, there must be a way I can make this work. This challenge is supposed to teach me something. So over the next three weeks, while Mercury is moving backwards, I get to re-examine the way I work, how I prioritise my time, ask myself questions about my systems.

Mercury retrograde is a great time for planning, not implementing. It is a good time for research, editing, think tanking. If you have to sign contracts during this period then make sure all your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed. Be aware that you may have to revise conditions at a later date.

If things are going a little haywire then look for the lesson in it. What is it that you need to reconsider?

If you have a major project on now is the time to re-examine the details, plan the contingencies, revise and rework. Chances are you will have opportunities to see where the flaws are. It might be irritating and delays might be frustrating but again, they are invitations to ask questions and opportunities to plug the gaps as it were.

Mercury goes direct on September 12, moving forwards past all the stuff you have been dealing with, testing the new theories…see how you go…