Aries: Negotiate. To get to the next step consider how what you want affects the others in your life. Persuade with diplomacy. Others may not be able to see where you are coming from. Give them a chance to catch up.

Taurus: Be prepared to be the peacemaker if there are flare ups at work. Smooth out the wrinkles in the new plan. Find the rhythm in the new routine. You are at the beginning of some long term change so look forward…way forward and make decisions that will see you there.

Gemini: Are you writing? Documenting the things you know, the questions that puzzle you? Look for ways to do that, to share, to connect and to express who you are. Things are going to be a bit crazy, up and down and slightly whirly. To maintain a sense of place and balance write it down. Work through your options.

Cancer:  So you have seen the possibilities that await you in your career. Things could really go places. No doubt about it. This month, all the action is at home. Have that important conversation about where you are going and what you need. It is time to be bold and take a risk so ask for support and ask what your partner or family need from you.

Leo:  You can have it all. But you can’t have it all at once. And you can’t have it all the time. Try to achieve what you want step by step and not in one big gulp.  Take care of the things that you have been avoiding and be prepared to negotiate rather than take a stand.

Virgo: Time for an internal de-clutter. You can do this by de-cluttering externally, throwing away and reorganising those things that represent your inner untidiness. Clear out the baggage, the unsolved jigsaw puzzles, that outfit you really are never going to wear again. Make room for new possibilities and then relax in the fresh new space.

Libra: New opportunities and inspiration push you forward. Watch your step and stay alert. Avoid a head on power struggle. The going might get tough later in the month but just keep breathing and push on through. Meet your obligations and eliminate what is unnecessary to help you stay focussed.

Scorpio: Say what you feel in the spirit of sharing. Don’t hold back to avoid tension but be gentle and authentic. You may feel a bit abandoned this month as your friends seem to be unavailable to you but it’s more likely that the messages aren’t getting through. You will find yourself back on track by the end of the month with a new sense of purpose.

Sagittarius: I know you like to keep moving but this month focus on where you are now. The journey will resume presently but for now it is time to take stock, to deal with the present. Empty out your suitcase, do your laundry.

Capricorn: You might meet someone this month that shakes up your ideas about your future and your career. You might resist at first but step back and take a longer look. This could be the beginning of a useful and dynamic partnership.

Aquarius: Don’t let the self-doubt demon get you. Listen to his advice, thank him for his input and then get back to believing in yourself. Put new information and ideas to the practicality test before integrating them into your life.

Pisces: This is your life that you are building Pisces. Give yourself permission to take your time to get it right. You need the time to see through the illusions, to determine what is really working and what is actually possible.